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Marklin 3683

3683 - Guter-Triebwagen (Goods Railcar) BR 194.1

The Lokalbahn AG (Local Railroad, Inc.) of Munich (LAG) had, in addition to different passenger railcars, two self-propelled freight railcars among its rolling stock. The smaller of these two freight railcars was delivered in 1892 by MAN and SSW under the railroad number 895. The 7.93m (26') long unit reached a maximum speed of 40km/h (25 mph).

The iron underbody was riveted and the superstructure was of wood. This railcar had controls for an engineer at each end and a freight area in between with sliding doors on the sides fo the car. Both axles were powered by motors suspended at the end for the axle outside the frame. The output for the unit was 80 kilowatts.

When the LAG was absorbed into the German State Railroad (DRG), these freight railcars were reclassified at ET 194 11.

Length - 90mm

Spare Parts

Contact shoe - E461190

Rubber tyres (1) - 7154

Light bulb - E610080

Pantograph - E257830


Digital Conversion

Already has a Marklin 640010 decoder fitted set to address 79. Can not be changed other than at the factory.

Replaced with ESU Locpilot 5 - 59610 with DIY stay alive. Allows operation on DCC, MM, M4(mfx), DC and AC analogue.

Globes to be replaced with Red/White bi-colour LEDS.

Decoder CV Values

Set by us

CV 183Address
CV 2954Configuration Register128 speed steps, enable analogue, Speed curve CV 67 - 94, Long address
CV 17206Long Address 1
CV 1899Long Address 2
CV 501Analogue ModeAC Analogue enabled
CV 113255Power Fail Bypass
CV 263128Special Function CV1 Front lightSet to LED when red/white installed
CV 271128Special Function CV1 Front lightSet to LED when red/white installed

ESU Lokpilot Recommendations

CV 23Start Voltage
CV 950Motor PWM Frequency (x1000Hz)
CV 5110«K Slow» Cutoff
CV 520BEMF «K Slow»
CV 53120Control Reference Voltage
CV 54115Load Control Parameter «K»
CV 5550Load Control Parameter «I»
CV 56255BEMF Influence at VMin
CV 11650Slow speed BEMF Sampling periodx0.1 millisecond
CV 117150Full speed BEMF Sampling periodx0.1 millisecond
CV 11820Slow speed BEMF Measurement gap length VMinx0.1 millisecond
CV 11920Full speed BEMF Measurement gap length Vmaxx0.1 millisecond

DCC-EX Roster

ROSTER(83 , “Marklin 3683”, “Light/ / / / / / / / / / /”) Address 83 , Marklin 3683 Goods Railcar

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