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Drawn using xtrkcad.

There are 4 levels in total. This is the original plan based on layout 12 from Marklin book 0700.

This is the final plan modified to give maximum running space.

Level 0:

The lower storage yard level. This is 300mm below level 1. It now has the helix added to lessen the gradient. Also replaced the 5120

Level 1:

This is the lower reversing loop, where access to/from level 0 joins the main layout. Around under the bridge to the tunnel at the left hand end. This is where the incline to level two starts.

Level 2:

From the tunnel entry at the left hand end via the hidden station climbing to the bridge level. Then onto the main station, goods siding and railbus loop.

Level 3:

Leaving the main station up to the upper reversing loop and back to the main station. With dual siding for engine shed and passing siding for goods station. With a siding for the 7051 crane and the coaling station.

It is setup for automatic operation from the level 0 through to Level 3 and back again.

Yet another change to level 3.

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