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HAG 191

HAG 191 Electric Railcar

Road Number

BDe 44 52

Spare Parts

Digital Conversion

Decoder - ESU Lokpilot 4 21MTC - 64614. With 51968 adapter board. DIY stay alive

HAG 151216-90 permanent magnet

Second carbon brush from HAG 150132-90 brush set.

Front light (white) on when going forward, off when in reverse. 3mm warm white flat top led in place of original globe.

Rear light (red) on when going in reverse, off when forward. 3mm red flat top led in place of original globe.

Passenger interior light on at all times (connect to F1 - green wire - Aux 1. 3mm warm white led in place of original globe.

Decoder CV Values

Set by us.

CV 152Address
CV 17192Long address 1
CV 18191Long address 2
CV 2954Configuration Register128 speed steps, enable analogue, Speed curve CV 67 - 94, Long address
CV 501Analogue modeAC analogue enabled
CV 113255Power Fail Bypass

Recommended by ESU.

CV 23Start Voltage
CV 510
CV 5215Load Control Parameter «K» for slow driving»
CV 53100Control Reference Voltage
CV 5440Load Control Parameter «K»
CV 55175Load Control Parameter «I»
CV 56255Operating range of load control

DCC-EX Roster

ROSTER( 191, “HAG 191 Railbus ”, “Light/Interior Light”) Address 52, HAG 191 Railbus

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