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Marklin 3001

3001 - Electric Shunting Loco

A model of the six-wheeled 0-6-0 (C) Class E 63 locomotive on the German Federal Railways.

Length 120mm

“The Junk Yard Dog”

Bought as not working correctly with an ESU Lokpilot 4 conversion including permanent magnet.

Replaced slider, cleaned the wheels, cleaned the motor, cleaned the gears, greased the gears, resoldered the slider to decoder wire and it works great.

Road Number


Spare Parts

Contact shoe - 7185

Rubber tyres (2) - 7153

Light bulb - 60010

Digital Conversion

This was already equipped with an ESU Lokpilot 4 decoder and permanent magnet when purchased

The conversion had been poorly done, as an example the insulation on the wire from the contact shoe to the decoder was broken through in several places.

No lights were connected to the decoder, even though the Lokpilot 4 could have powered the original globes without problem.

Globes have now been replaced with 3mm warm white leds front and rear. Changing automatically with direction.

DIY Stay alive added.

Will add cabin light on F1 (Aux 1) at a later date.

Decoder CV Values

Set by us.

CV 150Address
CV 17203Long address 1
CV 18185Long address 2
CV 2950Configuration Register128 speed steps, disable analogue, Speed curve CV 67 - 94, Long address

Recommended by ESU.

CV 23Start Voltage
CV 510
CV 5230Load Control Parameter «K» for slow driving»
CV 5350Control Reference Voltage
CV 5440Load Control Parameter «K»
CV 55175Load Control Parameter «I»
CV 56200Operating range of load control

DCC-EX Roster

ROSTER( 3001, “Junk Yard Dog”, “Light/ / / / / / / / / / /”)

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