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DCC Command station.

Uses DCC-EX firmware on an Arduino Mega.

Mobile Decoders

Locos are converted from analog or Marklin 6080 digital decoders to Digitrax DH166D mobile decoders or Lais DCC mobile decoders or ESU Lokpilot 4 or 5

With Marklin 60943 (3000, 3005, 3060 and 3084), 60941 (3356), E188838 (3048) high performance motors.

Turnout decoders

All turnouts are Marklin M Track dual solenoid. So they need a driver board to operate with DCC-EX.

I've designed and have prototype operating here: DCC Turnout Decoder with solenoid driver

The pcb for the decoder is available here.

The pcb for the driver is available here.

The solenoid driver can be connected directly to the Command Station or used with the turnout decoder board. It can also have a capacitor discharge unit (CDU) built in if required.

There is a fix required on the older version PCB with product code 4X4CDUP4

A wire needs to be soldered between the cathode of diode D2 and the base of transistor Q2.

This image shows where on the underside of the PCB.


There is also now a DCC stationary pulsed decoder here.

The pcb for this is available from pcbway here.

Signal Decoders

These are the updated decoders above. They are either 7039, 7040 or 7041 Marklin semaphore signals which are solenoid controlled.

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